Fictional Ice

So, a while back Olli noticed that my facebook url "fictionalice" (also my url here) which is meant to be a portmanteau of Fictional and Alice, could also be read as Fictional Ice. He joked that it sounded like the title of a cable drama. I immediately posted on his wall a description of what that show would be, along with a cast breakdown. That wall post became a popular little item, and I have been asked t share it here:

fictional ICE

Writers working as slaves for a giant entertainment conglomerate, imprisoned in a defunct research station in Antarctica, churning out stories under penalty of death by freezing... Who were they before they went subzero? Why did they come to this place? And who among them has the talent to write their way to freedom? Find out Sunday nights at 9 on TNT.

THE AUTHOR (Paul Sorvino) the shadowy wizard of this wintry Oz

FRANCESCA (Jill Hennessey), a tough as nails crime writer, who with her quick mind and knowledge of the under world is considered the highest risk for escape.

CALEB (Noah Whylie) belying his wholesome good looks and seemingly mild manner, is the ruthless overseer of FI. He is coldly efficient in the execution of his duties, but the fiery Francesca heats him up, and makes him question his loyalties.

LAUREL (Michelle Williams) writes coming-of-age stories for young girls. She has an optimistic, romantic nature, but is unable, or unwilling to face their situation as an adult should.

SKY (Nicholas Brendan) is a young sci fi writer who's never been much good at looking after himself, much less anybody else, but being around Laurel stirs in him a longing to emulate the dashing heroes he writes.

So, I thought a fun little game might be to post synopses of FI episodes from time to time, because what's more satisfying than writing fiction in teeny-tiny increments? I also invite you, the public, to join me! If you ever feel like summarising an episode of a tv show that doesn't exist, just post it in a comment here (I fixed it so you don't have to log in to comment, btw) or e-mail it to me and I'll post it.

Other things: (because clearly, you care)

1) I watched the first two episodes of the new near-future space drama "Defying Gravity" on hulu. I liked it. I think I could grow to love it. I'm auditioning shows to fill the void that LOST will leave when it goes, and I think this one has potential. I would like other people to watch it and discuss it with me. I think it's on sundays at 10 on ABC. (and if you do watch it, know this: the g-force simulator that makes that chick puke -- I rode that at space camp, and didn't even get woozy. Were is not for my terrible vision, I would have made a brilliant astronaut)

2) New project! I have decided to make a giant bean-bag chair/sleeper thing. I am very excited about it. My only problem is finding filler. There's a styrofoam factory in chino that may sell polystyrene beads for cheap, but I can't find out until morning. Does anyone know where I can get tons of styrofoam filler (recycled, of course), or have other suggestions for fillers (I read that sawdust works well -- and smells so good! -- but I don't know where I'd get 25 cubic feet of sawdust).

I need feedback!


Adelaide said...

Is it considered fanfiction if there's no source material?

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