C'mon, Get Happy!

So, after many hours of deliberation, we have a new format! I have to say, I was kind of stymied by all the options. There are so many beautiful green, flowery nature themes out there, and I was obviously drawn to them, but I felt they demanded a more sincere tone than I'm apt to provide. I think my snarky observations about teen dramas would look especially petty juxtaposed against the majesty of nature :-) So, I was totally excited to find this cute/funky partridge family-esque template. It has a sort of tree-hugging sensibility that I require, without setting up false expectations of profundity. Although I do sort of feel lke my blog is sponsored by Target...

Anyway, I thought I'd take this moment, when I don't have anything pressing to say, to introduce a little game I like to play. The game is called "My Step Son, My Lover", and is inspired by the Lifetime Original Movie of the same name. The goal is to construct similar titles, with increasingly absurd combinations. Examples:

My Warden, My Stylist
My Window Washer, My Private Dancer
My Barista, My Running Mate
My Organ Donor, My Organ Grinder
My Broker, My Night Stalker
My Koi Pond, My Grave

You get the idea. Game play is primarily conducted via text message (major players include Olli "My Mannequin, My Confidante" Haaskivi and Adelaide"My Half-Brother, My Haberdasher" Lee), but I thought we could all benefit from giving this activity a higher profile. So please join in! Comment, e-mail, text or facebook message me your titles, and I'll try to do a weekly round-up of submissions. Good times/noodle salad.

In moderately related news, Adelaide has started a blog (I'm such a trend setter!). Because she's classier than I am, her's has a theme. And it's got a great header graphic. Check it out: http://actyouragealready.blogspot.com/

That's all I've got to say about that. But I have the day off, and apparently all the DMVs are closed, so I may post more later :-)


Anonymous said...

You put a picture of coffee on your blag and you STILL refuse to talk about beverages. I don't know how many more chances I can give this thing.


PS- My Cat, My Corpse of a Cat, directed by Erwin Schroedinger

Alice Lee Dutton said...

Fear not, beverage content is in the offing

Adelaide said...

As Allison would say, 'bring on the bevs!'

Also - My Plumber, My Parole Officer

Mimsy said...

My step-ladder, my lever.

My landlord, Mylanta

My Sweet Lord, my Nutra-sweet Lord

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